Museum of Hunkar Pavilion

Hunkar Pavilion is in Temenyeri neigbourhood which is on the skirts of Uludağ and has a wonderful view of the city.The building was built by Governer Mehmet Salih as a hunting lodge upon news that Sultan Abdülmecit would honor Bursa in 1844. Sultan Abdülmecit stayed on 29 June-2 July 1844, Sultan Abdülaziz stayed in 18 April 1862 and in 1909 Sultan Mehmet Reşat V. Spent some time in Hünkar Pavilion which was built in 19 days.Atatürk stayed in Hünkar Pavilion during his Bursa visitis. The Pavilion is used as a museum currently.

Hunkar Pavilion reflects the French Ampire style of the period with its architectural design and interior decoration. The engravings used on the ceilings are a feature of this style and they are gorgeous.

Hünkar Pavılıon Wıthnessıng The Hıstory
The winding road climbing up to Hünkar Pavilion which is the most unique examples of civil architecture in Bursa meets you with a surprisingbuilding. Excitement accompanies this historical meeting inside the pavilion. The two storey building with a symmetrical decoration has a reception room at the entrance. Atatürk’s bedroom and study room follows the reception room Upper storey ends with Sabiha and Ülkü’s bedrooms besides a hall and room of Atatürk’s aid-de camp.Hall with a pool, bedroom and dinning room takes place on the lower storey.

Ataturk and Hunkar Pavilion
Founder Atatürk had come to Bursa in various times. His first visit, Hünkar Pavilion hosted its guests for 12 days with the aim of choosing the delegates who were going to be Lausanne Peace conference. At his visit in 1925, he stayed at this pavillion, after that on 5 January 1931, he ate diner with the represantatives of the city.At his last and 16th Bursa visit which is dates as 16 July 1935 he visited this Pavilion at 16 pm. With time Hünkar Pavilion was named as National Pavilion, İmperial Pavilion,, Republic Pavilion and Atatürk Pavilion.

Restoratıon Works
Hünkar Pavilion is an estate of Bursa Metropolitian Municipiality since 1947. İt was repaired during the years 1982-1983. Later, the restoration works were completed with the common efforts of National palaces department of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and Bursa Metropolitian Municipiality.
Existing furniture was repaired in Dolmabahçe Palace Restoration Atelier and converted in to the original forms After the comletion of these restoration Works Hünkar Pavilion Museum was opened as a museum 29.May 2003.

Hünkar Pavilion Social Facılıtıes
Social Facilities were opened in July 2009 in order to make public get used to museums and integrate with museums. Located in the heart of history and nature Hünkar Pavilion Social Facılıtıes hosts visitors until midnight with a wonderful Bursa view.